2021 Miller's Nightmare

  • A basement has been unearthed which appears to be the site of many killings and torturings. Explore the darkest depth of the farm.  


  • Miller Manor has been rearranged for a brand new experience within its dark corridors.

  • NIGHTMARE PARADE! Starting October 8, we will have a parade of all our characters at 7:00 PM each open night. Don't miss this awesome event.

Miller's Farm has seen many strange phenomena and haunting figures in the last few years. It was believed Miller Manor, an abandoned homesite for previous owners, was the source of these oddities occurring on the property. However, further examination of the property has revealed numerous, ancient occult  sites and markings, according to experts.  One such site is the newly, unearthed basement. It appears to be where all the murders on the farm have been committed. See for yourself at Miller's Nightmare 2021!